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Bosch talks about the Internet of Things and Services

The Internet of Things and Services is a smarter web, enabling better ways to share information not only for computers and those who are able to operate them, but also information about the most common things of our daily lifes (VIDEO). The service part of the internet of things and services is where technology and business meet and hence build the basis for new disruptive business models. Let me introduce you to different perspectives you can have on future internet scenarios.

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Why Bosch rigs up IPv6?

Bosch prepares for the next version of the internet, Web 3.0: The Internet of Things and Servicesis a smarter web, enabling better ways to share information not only for computers, but also for even the most common things of our daily life. Predicted by technology evangelists and market researchers as well, the Internet of Things and Services will have large impact on us, society, and systems. In the coming years, more and more intelligent systems will be able to use the internet to communicate automatically with each other. In just 15 years, the resulting Internet of Things and Services will interconnect more than 50 billion components – from tiny sensors to high performance computers.

Many applications in different domains will be coming up like:

  • eHealth: The future of healthcare lies in creating tighter connections between physicians, hospitals, rescue centers and patients by using modern technologies.
  • eMobility: To make electric vehicles widely accepted, it will take a sophisticated charging infrastructure, an intelligent system to orchestrate this new industry with vehicles, charging service providers, and utilities.
  • eProduction: In the efficient industrial production of tomorrow, decisions will be made real-time derived from event-driven supply chains and diagnoses.
  • eEnergy: Energy Management targets to optimize energy demand and consumption in different ways, at utilities, at industrial, at communal or at private consumers.
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