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Coalesenses: IPv4 and IPv6 Dual Network Stack

Coalesenses offers an IPv4 and IPv6 dual network stack to easily integrate wireless sensor nodes into the internet. Based upon theĀ iSense OS and Networking Firmware, it comprises all functionality required for connecting wireless sensor networks with existing network installations using the internet protocol family.

Within the sensor network, the 6LoWPAN protocol suite (including implementations of neighbor discovery, header compression and fragmentation) is used to transmit IPv6 datagrams over the IEEE 802.15.4 link layer radio interface. The stack supports both the Route-Over and Mesh-Under mode in the sensor network, functionality for routers within the network as well as for 6LoWPAN border routers is included.

Besides UDP and TCP, a HTTP server including Digest Authentication is part of the stack. In addition, it provides a full-featured Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) server (including the Observe Draft). Hence, the stack is ready to offer Restful Webservices within your wireless network.

More info here.