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The Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

ARM: Embedded 10X Bigger Than Mobile


ARM CEO Warren East says the embedded device sector will be be ten times larger than mobile in a few years.

“If you add up all the smartphones and the tablets and the digital televisions and the PCs… and cast your eye forward a few years we see a large opportunity of perhaps 3 billion to 4 billion units per annum, but we see an embedded market that’s maybe 30 billion to 40 billion units per annum, and so that’s where we get the factor ten.”

As part of its first quarter results for 2012, the microprocessor company said the number of chips based on its architecture increased by 15 percent during the period to hit 800 million. In comparison, chips for mobile phones and computers remained fairly static compared to the year before at 1.1 billion units.

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