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Launching today: Freeboard, a Dropbox-like version for the IoT

It’s no secret that developing apps for the Internet of Things (IoT) requires formidable knowledge of programming. Under IoT, billions of devices will be reporting data about themselves, which means millions of new applications in areas as diverse as medicine to automobile maintenance.

A New York, USA based company Bug Labs is launching a service from today called Freeboard, which is actually a one click way to publish data from an IoT “thing” to its own Web page. This modular development platform, says Bug Labs, will do for IoT what Dropbox did for Cloud storage – make building and deploying innovative, enterprise-class IoT applications quick.

Freeboard makes “sense” of vast streams of data. A few clicks create quick graphical displays of the shared information, such as location, temperature, or whether the device is on or off.

The platform’s introductory software module called was released this March itself. It handled the first piece of the IoT application development puzzle – getting a device Online and publishing data. Combined, + Freeboard will give amateur developers all they need to put together a rock solid IoT application quickly and easily, claimed its makers, Bug Labs. Also, because they are modular they can be used individually and/or in conjunction with other open, 3rd-party platforms.  Both tools are available for free.

via Launching today: Freeboard, a Dropbox-like version for the IoT.