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GE: ZigBee Beats Wi-Fi for Low-Energy Homes

In the race between ZigBee and Wi-Fi for networking energy-aware homes, GE is leaning toward the low-power winner. According to a GE white paper released Thursday, ZigBee uses less than half the average power that Wi-Fi does — a fact likely to cement its place as the main technology to link GE’s smart appliancesand its Nucleus home energy hubs.

Consider it another notch in ZigBee’s home energy belt. Utilities around the country have chosen ZigBee as the preferred technology to link smart meters and devices in the home, largely on the strength of its low power requirements and cheaper chipsets compared to Wi-Fi and other technologies built for higher-bandwidth applications.

GE’s study found that ZigBee systems consumed just 0.39 watts over 24 hours, compared to Wi-Fi’s 0.87 watts over the same time, when set up in identical configurations that will be typical of home energy-networked devices of the future.

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GE Scientists Develop Battery-Free, Multi-Detection Wireless Sensors

GE Global Research, the technology development arm of the General Electric Company, today announced a battery-free, multi-detection radio-frequency identification (RFID) sensing platform that could enable a wide range of low cost wireless sensing products in healthcare, security, food packaging, water treatment and pollution prevention. GE’s unique RFID sensors are built on traditional RFID tags.

This “first-of-its-kind” sensing platform, in which a single sensor can provide a highly selective response to multiple chemicals under variable conditions, operates without a battery. GE’s sensor technology overcomes limitations in today’s sensors such as inadequate response selectivity and the need for an on-board power source. Without a battery, new sensors can be designed to be smaller than a penny and manufactured at very low cost. 


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