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HP and Shell Team on a Massive Wireless Sensor Network for Exploration

HP and Shell are working on a Mega Channel Seismic Survey System that will wirelessly connect millions of sensors ten meters apart from one another for oil and gas exploration. The system promises a highly detailed 4D image of oil and gas reservoirs below the earth’s surface.

The sensor networks will be comprised of HP MEMs accelerometers that are more than 1,000 times more sensitive than those in phones or car airbags. The density of the survey data with millions of sensors will greatly improve the scale and scope of current wired sensor networks that deploy thousands of sensors. The breakthrough comes in advancements with Wi-Fi-based network.

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Why HP Thinks Sensors Will Lead to The Next Big Wave of Computing

From ReadWriteWeb:

Earlier this month I had the chance to visit Hewlett Packard Labs in Palo Alto. I spent my time there talking to a number of senior engineers and scientists about the exciting technology they’re working on, much of it related to the Internet of Things (a trend I’ve paid particularly close attention to over the past 18 months).

I started the morning with a visit to the laboratory of Dr. Peter Hartwell, a senior researcher at HP Labs and one of the brains behind HP’s ambitious CeNSE project (“Central Nervous System for the Earth”). As I walked into the lab, Hartwell was busy playing with a new accelerometer that measures very fine vibrations – which I would soon find out has potential applications in industries such as medicine and mass transport.

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HP and Shell develop wireless sensing system for oil exploration

Hewlett Packard and Shell have agreed to develop a wireless sensing system that will be used to acquire high-resolution seismic data for the oil and gas industry.

According to Cliff Saran of ComputerWeekly, the two corporations are in the process of designing wireless accelerometer sensors, similar to the controllers used in the Nintendo Wii, but a “thousand times more accurate.”

The sensors are apparently based on microelectromechanical devices (Mems), which were originally developed for HP print heads.

“These Mems devices have been developed to take electrical signals and convert them to ink droplets,” HP spokesperson Rich Duncombe told Computer Weekly.

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A Central Nervous System for Earth: HP's Ambitious Sensor Network

accelerometer_hpHP Labs has joined the race to build an infrastructure for the emerging Internet of Things. The giant computing and IT services company has announced a project that aims to be a “Central Nervous System for the Earth” (CeNSE). It’s a research and development program to build a planetwide sensing network, using billions of “tiny, cheap, tough and exquisitely sensitive detectors.”

The technology behind this is based on nano-sensing research done by HP Labs. The sensors are similar to RFID chips, but in this case they are tiny accelerometers which detect motion and vibrations.

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