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IBM Mote Runner Public Beta 1 available

IBM has just made available the first public beta of Mote Runner, a new run-time platform and development environment for wireless sensor networks.

The IBM Mote Runner SDK bundles a set of tools to develop WSN applications. On-mote applications can be developed using an Eclipse plugin supporting C# and Java as programming languages. These applications can be downloaded, installed, executed and debugged on simulated motes running on a host pc.

On request, Mote Runner firmware for the IRIS motes is available allowing to run the mote applications on real hardware. The SDK ships with a set of tools such as a command line shell, web server and browser-based applications to manage and visualize a set of WSN motes executing the Mote Runner OS and VM.

It’s a free download for academic and non-commercial users and comes with 90-days evaluation license for commercial users.

More info here and here.