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iDigi Web Services: Now Accessible to All

From iDigi’s blog:

We are always thinking about how to make iDigi more accessible. We are excited to announce a price reduction for iDigi Web Services, our device management and application development solution. We have lowered the monthly minimum fee for iDigi Web Services, from $50 to $1.99.

This price reduction will enable anyone to sign up for iDigi and experience the full capability of the cloud and test developer applications.

This reduction in price reflects our commitment to our customers and the continued growth of the iDigi Device Cloud. By making iDigi more accessible to our customers across all verticals and organization types, we’re able to drive the growth of the iDigi Community.

Current iDigi customers will notice the reduced price for the May billing period.

The iDigi Platform offers a number of web services that allow users and their applications to interact with iDigi and their devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

See all of our iDigi service Plans here.

iDigi Device Cloud enables cloud connected devices over satellite networks with Iridium

From Digi’s blog:

The Iridium satellite network now supports the iDigi Device Cloud. This means that Digi devices with an Iridium data transceiver inside can now send and receive data via iDigi over the Iridium network.

The Iridium network is the world’s furthest-reaching network, so this capability extends connectivity to the remote corners of the globe and is faster and easier than ever before.

“The big picture is that we’ve made it ridiculously easy to create backcountry realtime environmental stations, operate autonomous terrestrial or oceanic vehicles or support advanced devices in the developing world,” said Rob Faludi, collaborative strategy leader for Digi R&D. “Developers can create high-tech interactions that persist though natural disasters because no local infrastructure at all is required, and deploy them in any spot on the planet. We say any app, anything, anywhere and we mean anywhere!”

Iridium and Digi create a valuable partnership– with Iridium operating the world’s furthest-reaching network and enabling connections in remote places and Digi, who continually pushes the bounds of technology in terms of what is possible through networks.

More info here.