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IoE Connections Counter

From Cisco blog:

Right now, in 2013, 80 “things” per second are connecting to the internet.  Next year that number will reach almost 100 per second, and by 2020, more than 250 things will connect each second.

Add all of these numbers up, and we believe that more than 50 billion things  will be connected to the internet by 2020.  Today we’re launching the Cisco Internet of Everything (IoE) Connections Counter so that we can watch in real time as everything comes online.

By the way, what are all of these “things”?  Mobile devices, parking meters, thermostats, cardiac monitors, tires, roads, cars, supermarket shelves, and yes, even cattle.   The list is endless, and it just keeps getting longer and more interesting.  Literally, by the second.

Even more exciting is when all of these things are combined with people, process and data via the network to deliver transformational value to the world by improving the way we make decisions, saving us time and money, and so much more.  That’s the Internet of Everything, and its value increases every time we connect the unconnected.

So we’re paying close attention.  The connections counter will help us keep track of exactly where we are in this journey, starting now and continuing through 2020.

We encourage you to keep track as well.  Cisco invites journalists, analysts and other interested parties to check out the IoE Connections Counter and to feature it in your own content.

Let the countdown to 2020 and 50 billion connections begin!

More info here.

Cisco CEO: Get ready for ‘the Internet of everything’

From Market Place Tech:

This week, we’re asking a range of accomplished figures in the tech world about what could be the next digital frontier.  Are we moving away from an Internet of webpages and toward an Internet of things, or an Internet of interconnected objects?

According to John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, we’re heading towards what he calls “the Internet of everything.”

Think smart refrigerators that call the repair man when broken, or a water meter in your house that monitors use and decreases leakage.

“If you look back at they year 2000, maybe 200 million devices were connected, today it’s 10 billion. In 2020, it is 50 billion,” says Chambers. “We believe it will change every aspect of people’s lives.”

From a business perspective, Chambers says the vast new hook-up could save companies around the world $14.4 trillion over the next ten years.

The interview can be listened here.

Qualcomm’s Internet of Everything (IoE) Roadmap

The PDF can be downloaded here.