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Sense Internship at Almende

Almende BV, Rotterdam, has a master-level internship in WSN, concerning distributed multi-modal sensor fusion, pattern recognition and machine learning. This internship includes the opportunity to investigate existing algorithms, adapting them so they fit the distributed and resource-constrained nature of WSN or creating your own algorithms. Additionally, there is the opportunity to implement the results on an operational WSN framework, and to test it in two use cases in the Dutch research projects ALwEN and STORM.

Almende is a research company in Rotterdam, focusing on self-organization in (hybrid) networks of things and people. Around 25 people are employed by Almende, both doing research in areas such as wireless sensor networks, robotics, multi-agent systems and social networks. Multiple students have done their master’s thesis or PhD research at Almende over the years.

Complete internship description available here (pdf ~100Kb). Also see their sensor related blog here.