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Promoting the use of IP for Smart Objects

An interesting video from EngineeringTV about  Promoting the use of IP for Smart Objects is available here .

IP Seeks Dominance in Wireless Sensing Industry


The First Global Interoperability Test for IP-Based Sensor Networking was successfully conducted, as announced by the IPSO alliance last week. Participating vendors included: Arch Rock, Atmel, Cisco, Dust Networks, Gainspan, Jennic, PicosNet, Primex Wireless, Proto6, Sensinode, SICS.  Vendors proved interoperability across the global Internet with participants from Palo Alto, California as well as from numerous countries in Asia, North America and Europe.

Sensors from multiple companies using IP  may communicate employing  differing physical links and without the need for complex gateways and other redundant infrastructure.

More info here