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Intro to DASH7 Mode 2.0

DASH7 Webinar on Wed, Aug 18, 2010 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM PDT (GMT – 7)

DASH7 Mode 2 is a new, low-power wireless technology that takes the strong-points of traditional DASH7 (i.e. Mode 1) and makes them even stronger, while also adding a series of new features made possible by recent advances in semiconductor technology.  Some of these new features include: additional low-power modes, improved throughput, multi-channel communication, cryptographic security support, IPv6 addressing support.

In 90 minutes you will learn how Mode 2 can solve many problems that other low power wireless technologies simply cannot, starting with descriptions of the features and architecture, and then moving to example applications and use-cases.

More info on Mode2 is summarised here (pdf ~900Kb)

Registration for webinar available here.

WSN – We Are Getting There

As battery technologies do not evolve fast enough to cope with our current vision and energy needs for WSN applications, we move toward energy harvesting, lower power devices and printed electronics. A recent IDTechEx post revisits the evolution of ad-hoc radio networking and some of the latest progresses in enabling technologies for WSN.

Full text available here.

CIA invests in low-power Wi-Fi Intel spinoff

Low-power Wi-Fi specialist and Intel spinoff company GainSpan Corp today announced a strategic investment and technology development agreement with In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s independent strategic investment firm.

According to GainSpan, its technology provides the lowest power consuming Wi-Fi single chip solution for wireless sensor networks and other embedded applications, allowing devices to run for up to 10 years on a single AA battery.

“GainSpan’s innovative technology helps address critical technology needs of the US Intelligence Community,” said Troy M Pearsall, executive VP of architecture and engineering at In-Q-Tel, in a statement. “The power requirements of Wi-Fi have traditionally limited its application in sensor networks, but GainSpan’s low-power Wi-Fi devices enable new classes of solutions that will provide key technology capabilities to both the government and commercial markets.”

More info here.