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Meshlium Xtreme gives 3G connectivity to ZigBee, Wifi and Bluetooth Sensors

Meshlium Xtreme is the new multiprotocol router for wireless sensor networks designed to connect ZigBee, Wifi and Bluetooth sensors to the Internet through 3G connectivity. The new line launched today allows to send the information gathered by hundreds of sensor nodes at the same time, as it counts with an unprecedented “upload to the Cloud” bandwidth of 5.5 Mb/s -more than 10 times faster than compared with traditional GPRS gateways-. Read more.

Sensors to Detect iPhone and Android devices

The new sensing technology integrated in Meshlium Xtreme is able to detect any Smartphone (iPhone, Android) in the area by measuring Wifi and Bluetooth activity; allowing to know in real time people and vehicle presence and fluency. Applications of this new technology go from street activity measurement to vehicle traffic management. Read more.

Libelium releases Meshlium Xtreme – 802.15.4 / ZigBee Internet Gateway

Libelium launches Meshlium Xtreme – the first multi-protocol wireless router – offering a powerful bridge between ZigBee wireless sensor networks and the Internet. The router is a modular, wireless, multiprotocol, mesh, outdoor router running Linux and with an open sourceweb manager. It uniquely combines five wireless technologies – WiFi, ZigBee, GPRS, Bluetooth and GPS – as well as wireline Ethernet. The router connects ZigBee networks to the Internet through Ethernet and GPRS and enables the storage of sensor data in both internal and external data base systems.

Libelium’s CTO, David Gasc√≥n, says “Meshlium Xtreme delivers a completely flexible gateway to the Internet for operators of ZigBee sensor networks”. He adds, “This flexibility comes through a choice of three Internet connections including Ethernet and GPRS and two storage options in data base servers. In addition, SMS alarms can be sent in real time to mobile phones using the GSM mobile phone network”. Read more.

Libelium opens access to Bluetooth Wireless Sensor Networks

Libelium announces a new Bluetooth module for the Waspmote wireless sensor network platform. This module enables wireless sensor networks to be directly linked to portable devices such as smart phones and laptop computers. This capability is particularly useful for medical applications and for industrial diagnostics. Additionally, when combined with the Meshlium multi-protocol router, it supports the deployment of hybrid ZigBee-Bluetooth wireless sensor networks. In order to prevent interferences between both technologies, the new module uses Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) to work just in free channels.
More information here.

Interfacing Sensor Networks with Web 2.0: Twitter and WordPress

Libelium has released a new application to send data collected by its sensor network to Twitter and WordPress. The final idea is to make things and the environment “talk” and have its own space in the web updated in real time.
A forest or city with its own blog updated by itself?, a house which can twitter in real time? Yes! it is possible, and it is open source. The application works with the Waspmote sensor platform collecting the information and the Meshlium router as a bridge between the 802.15.4/ZigBee network and the Internet.

Read the article here.

Email and SMS real time alarm system for sensor networks

Sending alarm messages when some data goes above or below a certain threshold is a common task in a wireless sensor network deployment.Real time and critic systems require quick and reliable methods of delivering the information to the desired responsible for taking action on the problem. For this reason, Libelium has included a quick guide about how to send SMS’s and Emails in real time using the Meshlium platform. The guides show how to parse and integrate the frames received in a database, and how to use step by step the Email system and the GPRS module integrated in the device to send these alarm messages.

The sensor information is delivered to Meshlium using the Waspmote platform which will be in the market before the end of this year. All the code is open source. You can access to these guides in the Meshlium Development section.