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Immediate availability of IBM Mote Runner beta 8 for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Mote Runner, IBM’s infrastructure platform for wireless sensor networks (WSN), consists of two parts: a run time for mote-class hardware such as MEMSIC Iris motes, and a development environment for WSN applications.

The Mote Runner on-mote run-time platform is based on a virtual machine tailored from scratch for resource-constraint hardware environments.

For this, it introduces a new byte-code language that, besides being compact and efficient, provides native support for reactive programming by means of delegates. Together with the run-time library built on top, Mote Runner provides a purely event-driven and thread-free programming model.

Blue ZThe development environment of Mote Runner consists a complete tool chain (i.e., converter, assembler, optimizer, shell) to develop mote applications in high-level object-oriented languages such as Java. It comes with its own IDE based on Eclipse as well as a mote and network simulation environment to ease application development and testing. A web-based deployment and monitoring framework in concert with an edge server finally allows the integration and visualization of Mote Runner sensor networks.

IBM unveils "Mote Runner" software


At the 2010 Sensors Expo & Conference in Illinois today, IBM rolled out a software development kit for an application dubbed Mote Runner.

While many wireless sensor networks are proprietary and difficult to program, IBM says their system allows different sensors to be used in various devices, products, and systems. The goal, IBM says, is to make sensor networks easier to deploy and manage.

Memsic will include Mote Runner on one of its Iris sensors, based on a Crossbox design using the 2.4 GHz band and the IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee) standard.

More info here and here.