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Sewio Offers Open Sniffer of 15.4 Networks

sewioSewio (officially Sewio Networks s.r.o.) is characterized by the openness of their wireless solutions, which are available to the wide WSN community. Sewio offers unique dual band Open Sniffer for the IEEE 802.15.4 based networks. The Open Sniffer is multiplatform, multiband, time-precise and low-cost packet analyser, which operates among various frequency bands with the remote configuration capabilities. The Open sniffer supports worldwide 2.4 GHz band, EU/US 915/868 MHz band and also China band of 780 MHz.

The communication realized through the Ethernet interface can be easily visualized in the Wireshark, which does not require any operation license.

The product name Open Sniffer got the sniffer thanks the Sewio effort to provide this tool for free for the WSN community. The PCB layout with the bill of materials together with the latest firmware are available at their web page in Download section, see “Apart from nowadays available 15.4 sniffers, the user doesn’t need to go through the painful process of the product activation, license management  and reactivation process in case when the sniffer is connected to another computer, says Sewio”. For the impatient developers, they sale Open Sniffer Kit with ready-to-go sniffer for the easy start.

For more information visit them at: