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Bottom-Up IoT Innovation Thriving

From ComputerWorld UK:

I experienced some of the vitality, sophistication and breadth of activity in open hardware and associated software and comms this week at the firstCambridge Internet of Things Practitioners Night meetup.

That demonstrated how a rapid expansion of IoT enabling infrastructure is welling from the bottom-up, and that it’s just a not-too-long matter of time before high-impact applications start to appear.

Among the things that struck me talking to people at the meetup this week were:


  • Bright young people are talking and engaging much more with open hardware
  • There’s a mix of people of all ages and experience levels engaged in this area and across sectors
  • When up against the limitations of current technologies the brightest are building from scratch. That includes operating software, designing circuits, and inventing middleware to exploit fully and efficiently the new open hardware environment
  • Crowd-funding is beginning to kick in as a successful alternative to looking for angel investment or venture capital funding for open hardware innovation
  • The cost of robust IoT application enablers is plummeting – with high powered Internet connectable boards and components- the nuts and bolts of IoT – costing a fraction of what the industry has become accustomed to.
  • The recession is forcing young technologists to do things in new ways and come up with novel capabilities

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Encryption Libraries for Waspmote Sensor Networks (AES / RSA)

Libelium has released a set of Encryption Libraries for Waspmote and Plug & Sense!™ sensor platforms in order to ensure the authentication, confidentiality (privacy) and integrity of the information gathered by the sensors. To do so different cryptography algorithms including AES 256 and RSA 1024 have been implemented in the libraries and released under an open source license.

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Open-ZB website to Reach 100k Visits

The open-ZB website provides open source tools for IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee, the most widespread technologies for Wireless Sensor Networks. Notably, it has reached over 100 000 visits and 6000 downloads of the toolset from around the world. This represents 4-5 downloads in average per day, almost 4 years after the first release (November 2006).

Since early 2009, the open-ZB research team has triggered the creation of the TinyOS 15.4 and ZigBee Working Groups. The aim is to provide 15.4 and ZigBee implementations that build on top of the WSN research community efforts and empower users to learn, modify and reuse the code at free will.Further improvements include QoS add-ons, traffic differentiation and communication reliability among others. The work have been mainly supported by the CONET Network of Excellence, within the COTS4QoS research cluster.

For more details please refer here

Waspmote is released!

waspmote_by_libeliumLibelium has officially launched today the Waspmote platform. The research efforts have focused on providing a minimum consumption (0.7 uA in the Hibernate mode), and at the same time, maximum performance and capabilities.
Waspmote counts with seven different models of communication radios which can be chosen depending on:

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz, 900MHz, 868MHz
  • Protocol: 802.15.4, ZigBee
  • Power: 1mW, 100mW

These radios count with a high RX sensibility and TX power which let Waspmote to achieve long range links: 7km – 2.4GHz, 24km – 900MHz and 40km – 868MHz, which makes possible to monitorize any emplacement.
The platform is based on a modular architecture, this means extra modules can be set on Waspmote just when they are needed. The modules available are:

  • GPS: latitude, longitude, altitude, speed,…
  • GPRS: sms’s, calls, TCP/UDP sockets,…
  • SD card: up to 2GB of memory

Following the same modular philosophy three sensor boards have been developed to be connected to Waspmote:

  • Gases: CO, CO2, CH4, SH2, NH3,…
  • Events: weight, luminosity, tilt, vibration, PIR, liquid level…
  • Protyping: ready to integrate new sensors, includes ADC, pad area, amplification stages…

A 3 axys accelerometer has been integrated in the same board to get the maximum precision and stability in both ranges (+-2g, +-6g), which lets Waspmote to control in real time any kind of motion or mobility event.
It is powered with a lithium battery which can be recharged through a specially dedicated socket for the solar panel. This option is specially interesting for deployments in natural environments such as forests.

To get the most of all the platform features and possibilities a complete programming API is available. Both the Waspmote API and the compiler are open source.
Regarding commercial issues, the platform is Worldwide market ready: CE (Europe), FCC (EEUU) and IC (Canada).

All the information can be found at the Libelium site.

Open Source Manager System for ZigBee Routers

Libelium has released their first open source manager system to control embedded Linux devices. It is specially suited for routers which need to control several wireless interfaces and radio technologies, more commonly named as multiprotocol routers (e.g. Meshlium).

The software brings a special ZigBee sniffer plugin to capture data frames. There is also a bunch of documents in the Development section in order to help developers to add their own plugins and functionalities.

You can download it from the Libelium’s website and try it in any Linux system (there is also a demo online to try directly from the web).

More info at: Meshlium Manager System 2.0.