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Control your HVAC Infrared Devices from the Internet with IR Remote

Cooking Hacks -the open hardware division of Libelium- has just released IR Remote, a small shield that allows you to record any infrared command sent by a remote control and resend it from the Internet. It works connected to Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and let us to control any HVAC system including heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and thermostats from the Cloud. More than 6 different wireless interfaces are available to connect Arduino and Raspberry Pi to the Internet: WiFi, 3G, GPRS, Bluetooth and 802.15.4 / ZigBee. With IR Remote you can easily control our home HVAC system from a laptop, a webserver or even from your smartphone. The shield is compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi so you can choose your favourite platform to automate your home.

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