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Semantic Sensor Network Incubator Group

W3C Launched the Semantic Sensor Network Incubator Group, sponsored by its Members CSIRO, Wright State University and OGC.

The group’s mission is to begin the formal process of producing ontologies that define the capabilities of sensors and sensor networks, and to develop semantic annotations of a key language used by services based sensor networks.


w3c_homeRead more here.

IP Seeks Dominance in Wireless Sensing Industry


The First Global Interoperability Test for IP-Based Sensor Networking was successfully conducted, as announced by the IPSO alliance last week. Participating vendors included: Arch Rock, Atmel, Cisco, Dust Networks, Gainspan, Jennic, PicosNet, Primex Wireless, Proto6, Sensinode, SICS.  Vendors proved interoperability across the global Internet with participants from Palo Alto, California as well as from numerous countries in Asia, North America and Europe.

Sensors from multiple companies using IP  may communicate employing  differing physical links and without the need for complex gateways and other redundant infrastructure.

More info here

CONET Newsletter

The First issue of the CONET Newsletter is now available. Admittedly, a bit delayed? But yes, it has several cool articles on Sensor Nets.

A short guest column, by Prof. John Stankovic, entitled “when sensor and actuator networks cover the world.” addresses two specific challenges for sensor networks: the extraction of knowledge from the raw sensor data and the necessary openness to increase cooperation and interconnection of different sensor networks.

Moreover, and not all, the “member profile” section highlights CISTER, a top-ranked Portuguese Research Unit based at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, with an overview of their research projects and contributions.

CONET is the EU FP7 network of excellence on Cooperating Objects, merging the fields of embedded systems for robotics and control, pervasive computing and wireless sensor networks. CONET will focus on establishing the field of Cooperating Objects within the research and industrial community, thus strengthening the position of Europe in this research landscape.

More info at their website

Dead Reckoning for Fun

As is becoming a tradition, there will be an Extreme Sensing Competition at the IPSN ’09 Conference on April 13, in San Francisco, CA, USA.

In this opportunity the goal is to dead reckon on persons in a 10m x 10m arena, by using up to 7 sensors (5 of which can be body sensors and 2 ground fixed). The competition will be structured in two phases. Phase 1 is meant for guessing about other team deployment strategies while each system is reckoning on attendees. Phase 2 is for exploiting the opponent team system flaws — that could be guessed from Phase 1 — while system is now reckoning on contenders. Thus preventing the other teams from scoring more points.

Deadline to participate is March 25, 2009. Rules of play, Scoring and more info here

Second GSN Workshop

The GSN developers and users are meeting up for the Second GSN Workshop, to be hosted this year by DERI, in Galway, Ireland on the 17th February.

The aim of the gathering is provide a forum to share the latest research and experiences in using GSN. The workshop will be composed of a series of presentations and an open discussion on the future of this software middleware for WSN.

Presentation will include:

– recent developments and interesting use cases
– plans and experiences (future and past)

For further information contact:

Vinny Reynolds and/or Ali Salehi