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Sensor-laden SensoGlove helps you make smarter decisions than Tiger Woods

From Engadget:

You scoff, but it’s true. Do you honestly thinkĀ Tiger Woods has the luxury of looking down as his golf glove while on the Masters’ greens and seeing if his grip is too tight? Indeed he doesn’t, nor will he ever if we understand anything about PGA regulations. Germany’s own Sensosolutions has just revealed what it’s calling the planet’s first “digital golf glove,” with the $89 SensoGlove boasting a handful of sensors that “continuously read the user’s grip pressure.” In real-time, users are shown that data on the sweat-proof 1.2-inch LED monitor, and it’s even capable of outputting information via aural commands. Put simply, it can give you a warning if you’re exceeding your target grip pressure level, and it can even show you exactly which fingers are squeezing too tightly. What itĀ can’t show you, however, is just how closely your wife is monitoring your extracurricular phone activities — but hey, there’s always version 2.0, right?

More info here.