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REALWSN 2010: Call for Posters and Demos

The Fourth Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks will be held on 16-17 December, 2010 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Authors are invited to submit poster and demo abstracts (4 pages, Springer format, 9 or 10 point font size).  Accepted abstracts will be included in the proceedings published by Springer in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).

Posters should demonstrate early work in areas of interest similar to those listed in the technical call for papers. Good posters describe exciting ideas for which some preliminary results are available.

Demonstrations should showcase innovative research and applications related to the technical calls for papers.  The initial submission should include an appendix describing as detailed as possible what you intend to show. The appendix should be removed for the final submissions.

Important dates:

* Electronic submissions due: September 16, 2010
* Notification of acceptance: September 26, 2010
* Camera-ready copy due: October 8, 2010
* Workshop: 16-17 December, 2010

More info will be available here.

ContikiRPL went public

The Contiki team is happy to announce that ContikiRPL has been made public! ContikiRPL is an open-source implementation of RPL – the proposed standard routing protocol for IPv6 in low-power and lossy networks. Read on for details on how to get ContikiRPL up and running.

RPL works by building and maintaining directed acyclic graphs toward root nodes. The protocol is the result of a collaboration between academia and industry in the ROLL working group at the IETF. In March 2010, an interoperability event hosted by the IPSO Alliance took place in Anaheim, CA. ContikiRPL participated in this event and was tested against a number of emerging RPL implementations.

Full scoop available here

Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP

In anticipation to what the Internet will soon develop into, Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP is the first book to take a holistic approach to the revolutionary area of Internet Protocol-based smart objects.
The book covers:
background: wireless sensor networks, ubiquitous computing, computer networking
technology: hardware and software, low-power communication with 802.15.4 and WiFi, power line communications (PLC), the Internet Protocol stack, IPv6, UDP and TCP, REST and web services, security, 6LoWPAN header compression, RPL routing
smart object applications: the smart grid, smart cities, building automation, home automation, industrial automation.
It will be  available in spring/summer of 2010, but it is already  possible to preorder a copy from

More info here.

Bengt Asker Award

Researcher Carlo Alberto Boano, formerly at SICS, received the Bengt Asker Award for his thesis: Application Support Design for Wireless Sensor Networks (Zip 10 MB).

The award is given by The Swedish National Real-Time Association for the best Swedish master or final year thesis in the field of real-time and embedded systems.

The research work was conducted within the Center for Networked Systems. The author was jointly supervised by Pablo Suarez (Saab) and Thiemo Voigt (SICS).

Congratulations from the WSNBlog team!

More details here and there

Contiki Crash Course

Contiki Crash Course

Participants to the CONET SENIOT Summer School held in Bertinoro, Italy, this summer had the opportunity to attend an interesting hands-on session with basic exercises with the Contiki Operating System for WSN. Material from the course is available online, you could download the slides from the presentation and session notes. The material is self consistent so you could try it out too!

Contiki, developed mostly at SICS since 2003, has reached a level of stability that is interesting to explore further and it also has a growing community of users. Earlier this month, two new ports were made avaialbe: Crosbow MicaZ and Sensinode, besides other platforms already supported.

Everything Contiki available here