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A Simulator and Integrated Development Platform for Sensor Networks Applications

SIDnet is an exploratory-design environment for various aspects of applications of wireless sensor networks. It was made to provide a simulation and proof-of-concept platform in which the end-users, the application/protocol developers and various phenomena monitored by that network interact in a seamless manner. SIDnet is a Java-based visual tool designed to promote run-time interactions with the network. End-users can observe the behavior of newly designed algorithms in the presence of various phenomena fluctuations like, for example, a sudden loss of service both at an individual node, as well as a collection of nodes in a certain area of the network; unexpected increase/decrease in the measurement values; changes in the (network) load/traffic; etc. User can pose queries using graphical tools that are synchronized with with the textual ones providing a TinySQL-like primitives. In addition, at run-time (through built-in terminals) the simulation can be fast-forwarded or paused, as needed. SIDnet incorporates a complete graphical user interface package built on top of the JiST-SWANS simulator which, in turn, guarantees the validity of the performance and other observations of a particular simulation. It is an extensible tool with a well defined and easy to learn API, that the developers can use to integrate their novel implementations and, together with the end-users of the application, perform various hypothetical reasoning in any pre-deployment stage.

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ns-2 network simulator: Free, yes; friendly, no

The open source network simulation tool ns-2 is an invaluable tool for researchers working on wired or wireless networks. I came across ns-2 while working on my thesis. I needed a network simulator, and since my college lacked the brand-name heavyweights, I had to look for an alternative that was free but could do the job. While ns-2 is free, it’s also pretty unfriendly.

ns-2 is a variant of the REAL network simulator. Over the past few years it has been evolving, and it is still far from complete. Several organizations have been involved in its development, including DARPA, Xerox, UCB, and Sun Microsystems. The objective has been to make a network simulation tool to study and analyze new ideas in detail before implementation.

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