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ARM exec: standards are needed for the 'internet of things'

The increase in the number of internet-connected devices is creating a wealth of possibilities for the future of technology, particularly in the context of the internet of things — also known as machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

However, standards need to be firmly established before new services can truly flourish, according to Simon Segars, vice president of the ARM physical IP division.

“The biggest limitation is around standardisation of how these technologies are going to work together. All the building blocks are there, and it’s about putting them together. So, you need low power, small, low cost micro-controllers,” Segars told ZDNet UK at CES 2012. “We can do that, and it will get better over time,”he added.

Segars said that the challenge now is one of how each piece of technology is used, rather than needing advances in the technology itself.

“There’s an implementation challenge, all the technologies are different and how you mix-and-match those are hard problems that we’re trying to solve,” Segars said. “We’re looking at evolving those technologies, but really it’s all there today and people have got to start putting them together and working out those higher level services that are going to run on top of them.”

Smart meters, for example, already combine a range of technologies that need to be able to communicate with each other, Segars said.

“It has a controller in it, it has a communication link — how are all these things going to communicate [with other technologies], there are standards needed behind that,” Segars added. “What’s the security behind that? How’s all that going to work?”

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Webinar DASH7 Network Access Initiative

This DASH7 Network Access Initiative to be held on Wednesday October 20th at 8:00 a.m. PDT (GMT-7)

If You Are Connecting Software To DASH7 Devices, don’t miss this Webinar. Recommended audience: Software Developers, Systems Integrators, Device Integrators, End users. Attendance is free but registration is required

Presented by: Dr. Abel Sanchez, Executive Director, MIT Geospatial Data Center, Ted Osinski, Director, RFID Programs, MET Labs, Ryad Semichi, Director of Standards, Savi Technology.

DASH7 Network Access (DNA) and connecting smart wireless devices to the Internet of Things.

This webinar will provide an introduction to a new initiative being formed within the DASH7 Alliance around the standardization of the way software applications communicate with DASH7 readers or access points.  While the DASH7 Alliance has focused primarily on the DASH7 air interface, providing developers with a way to write to any DASH7 device, regardless of vendor, is a logical and important next step in the evolution of DASH7.

Building on the work of the ISO 18000-6c passive RFID community, the immediate focus of the initiative is the development of standardized protocol based on ISO 24791-5 (also known as  EPCglobal Low Level reader protocol, or LLRP). Webinar attendees will learn the background for the initiative and have an opportunity ask questions about getting involved in the creation of this specification.


Back to Sub-1GHz ?

From DASH7 Wireless Sensor Networking Blog

It is a great for the success of wireless sensor networks that people are starting to realize how hopeless the 2.4 GHz band has become, but it is not enough to merely embrace “Sub-1GHz.”  … 433 MHz has greater worldwide appeal, support by the single most import entity for emerging IT standards (the US DoD) and, also importantly, it appeals especially to markets that tend to embrace new technologies a lot faster than does the US private sector.

Technically sound or more like plain marketing?

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