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Power Management Conference

27th May 2010 – National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, UK

Wireless micro-autonomous systems with their very severe volume constraints present significant challenges to the design of power sources that meet the operational requirements of key application scenarios. State-of-art power sources often fail to meet such requirements and while energy harvesters provide a promising alternative, interfacing them properly remains a major problem. Power management is an active research topic aiming to control power consumption in electronic devices, while providing a reasonably good performance.

This one day event organised by the Sensors & Instrumentation KTN and the Electronics KTN on the 27th May 2010 at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington UK and aims to explore the design opportunities provided by power management concepts and optimisation strategies that are applicable to the scale of micro-autonomous systems. The event will disseminate the results of a recently conducted survey on power management technologies. The programme will feature a panel discussion debating the best practices in design approaches at the system level covering hardware, software implementation and innovative systems design. The event will be an opportunity to meet innovators from the electronics and sensing community as well as developers and users of power management technologies and applications.

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