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The TI Sensor Kit and the Internet of Things

The fast-growing “Internet of Things” has pulled mobile operating systems like Android into everything from thermostats to light fixtures. Because the OS is open-source and freely available, you don’t need to ask any big firm’s permission to use it. And thanks to a sensor kit from Texas Instruments, developers can now experiment with an endless range of products. Not surprisingly, sensors are offering mobile development shops new worlds to conquer. The only hitch might be that most developers aren’t sensor and telemetry specialists. But thanks to the TI CC2541 SensorTag Development Kit from Texas Instruments, they don’t have to be.

The sensor kit supports six common types of sensors: an IR temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. The first three sensors measure environmental conditions important to practically all devices located in the field. The IR temperature sensor, for example, warns if a device’s motor is overheating. A humidity sensor can detect if moisture is penetrating a waterproof casing. And a pressure sensor can report on either excessive or substandard pressure. Taken together, these sensors can form powerful tools like a remote weather station. The accelerometer and gyroscope are especially important to mobile instruments, as they allow a device’s motion to be tracked independently of GPS or other external location measurements. Most smartphones already have these features, but the sensor kit handles a wider range of conditions than most smartphone components. Finally, the magnetometer measures magnetic fields and electric currents, providing a safe means of remotely monitoring electric grids and power generators. From launches to punches Despite the diverse functions of the TI sensor kit, most developers won’t use all six sensors for a single project.

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