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A Decade of TinyOS Development

OSDI 2012 has an interesting paper on the evolution of TinyOS over the past 10+ years. It looks at both technical and social decisions that contributed to the success of TinyOS. The paper also looks back and evaluates what worked, what didn’t, and why. It’s rare to see papers at technical conferences talking about the non-technical aspects of large software development projects, so should be an interesting read. You can find the paper here.

New G-Node mote announced

SOWNet Technologies has been using TinyOS in production for a while now, and they’ve just released a new development platform, the G-Node. It has a CC1101 radio (868 MHz) and an MSP430F2418 microcontroller. The platform isn’t in the TinyOS repository, but they have put together quite a nice development kit which includes a complete TinyOS 2.0 toolchain.

Together with the Technical University of Delft, they’ve also designed a modular test bed with sensor emulation: each test bed unit consists of a mini-PC with an I/O board with dedicated SPI/I2C/UART/ADC connections for up to four nodes.

You can find more information here.

ETTX 2009 Retrospective

As some of our readers would remember, from one of our previous post, the TinyOS Technology Exchange came to Europe earlier this month –sponsored by CONET. The single day meeting celebrated in Cork, Ireland was jam-packed with interesting presentations. All slides are now available here.

Moreover, there are also videos for the keynote “TinyOS – Time to ROLL” by David. E. Culler and the Tutorial “T2: What the Second Generation Holds” by Philip Levis so you all could catch up.
Fotos taken during the event, courtesy of Mário Alves, are also available here.

TinyOS Technology Exchange comes to Europe


The First European TinyOS Technology Exchange ETTX 2009 will take place in Cork, Ireland, on February 10, 2009, collocated with EWSN 2009, the largest European based sensor networks conference. Clearly, with the aim to foster a broader European user community.

The TinyOS Alliance encourages anyone who is interested in, using, exploring or advancing TinyOS-based technologies to attend.

More info here