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BBC report on the Internet of Things

In its early days the internet was seen simply as a way of transferring data across large distances but it is now playing an ever increasing part in our lives.

David Reid reports on what is seen as the next big frontier for the web – called the internet of things – allowing you to use your smartphone to control your home heating, pay for parking and even monitor your own fitness.

The report is here.

Embedded Networked Systems Engineer – National Geographic

National Geographic – Remote Imaging laboratories is hiring a Post Doctoral researcher to be responsible for the development, testing and performance evaluation of networked embedded devices, in fulfillment of an NSF Grant. These will extend video-recording devices (Crittercam) that have been developed by NGS. The new devices will be equipped with low power GPS localization, wireless communication and on-board execution of distributed algorithms for data storage, streaming and processing, as well as other functionality’s such as battery management. The work will be developed at the Remote Imaging laboratories, located in the headquarters of NGS in Washington, DC, and it will benefit from the guidance and mentorship of experienced engineers.

The Post Doctoral researcher will interact with other team members at the University of Maryland and Princeton University, who will, respectively, evaluate and develop distributed algorithms and determine data to be collected and develop biologically relevant models. The intellectual merit of the work in is development of methods for hardware integration to build distributed networks of embedded devices that are capable of executing algorithms, subject to severe power and weight constraints. 

See more info for applicants, locate job ad and apply here

Video – Waspmote Gases Sensor Board

Libelium has launched a new video showing the capabilities of the Gases Sensor Board for the Waspmote platform. Some of the gas sensors which can be included in the board are Carbon Monoxide – CO, Carbon Dioxide – CO2, Oxygen – O2, Methane – CH4, Hydrogen – H2, Ammonia – NH3, Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S, Nitrogen Dioxide – NO2, Ozone – O3, Isobutane, Ethanol, Toluene, Hydrocarbons, VOC, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Values read are sent using the 802.15.4/ZigBee radio to the gateway what makes the system the perfect solution when implementing Wireless Sensor Networks to control gas levels and air quality.

More info here.

Video – Waspmote out of the box

Libelium has just published the first of a series of videos about their Waspmote product. Here is what to do with a new Waspmote:

6LoWPAN seminar video

The seminar gave a good overview of 6LoWPAN and the general contents of the book “6LoWPAN: The Wireless Embedded Internet“, covering about half of the course material slides and lasts for 80 minutes. Enjoy!
6LoWPAN Seminar Video (80 minutes, MP4) Recorded 6.12.2009