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Man Builds Chair That Tweets His Farts, Single-Handedly Justifies Twitter's Existence

From Gizmodo, here is an article about the usefulness of WSN:

You know those guys (and gals?) who are just, like, super proud of their farts? Thanks to this cool guy and Twitter, these assholes can indulge their disgusting habit without wrecking our noses.

Known Gentleman Randy Sarafan decided to make this office chair to help “accurately document and share [his] life as it happens,” which is as admirable a cause as there ever has been to open a Twitter account. The setup is surprisingly complex: A natural gas sensor does the sniffing; an Arduino does the thinking; an Squidbee wireless module does the communicating; Twitter does the sharing. It’s a feat, to be sure.

If you, like 131 others (and counting!) feel the need to follow the goings-on around Sarafan’s anus, you can follow his tweeted tweets here. Alternatively, you can do the project yourself—it’s open source and a build tutorial is on Instructables, thank god. [Instructables via Make]