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Discounts in all Zolertia’s packs

From Zolertia:

We have been awfully quiet but we are pleased that the reason behind this were projects and challenges keeping us busy since early 2012, so after a ton load of work followed by well deserved vacations we can finally give you some updates about what’s going on and our latest additions to the Zolertia’s ecosystem, kicking it with a 5% off all our packs.

We are re-launching some of our well known packs, such as the Discovery Pack Silver AAA (3xZ1) and theProfessional Pack Bronze (10xZ1),
offering a juicy 5% off discount, and introducing our new top-sellers Pack Lithium and Titanium, at a discounted price too, featuring:

Professional Pack Titanium:

This pack was conceived by request of our clients, demanding a complete solution to immerse themselves into development and production in a faster and easier way, using a complete set of sensors and actuators ready to work outside-the-box, development tools fitted to ease on-field testing such as the Starter platform, and the recently updated Gateway to interconnect your Wireless Sensor Network projects to other networks such as Internet.

Professional Pack Lithium:

Our experience in real-world deployments allowed us to design this new pack, allowing researchers, developers and integrators more flexibility regarding on how to provide power to their projects, for example using solar panels, reducing the overhead of replacing batteries and having to mobilize to the deployment site to replace those.

The battery charger and the battery itself are fully integrated into the enclosure, suitable for testbeds, demonstrators and ready-to-deploy projects without having to worry about component placement.

A led charging indicator on the enclosure allows to inspect the status of the battery (charging, discharging, charged) more readily.

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ZoundTracker by Zolertia wins the International Barcelona SmartCity Award

ZoundTracker by Zolertia has been awarded with the 1st International Barcelona SmartCity Award in the BDigital Congress that took place in Barcelona from 17th to 20th May.

The “Barcelona SmartCity” International Award has been established with the intention of identifying the solutions or projects that clearly contribute to improving municipal services for managing the city in order to make Barcelona a city of the future: a city with a high quality of life which is competitive, sustainable and has an innovative, flexible, efficient administration. The “Barcelona SmartCity” International Award is aimed at any individual or organization who has innovative products or services at a pre-commercial phase that make an outstanding contribution to creating a more intelligent, innovative administration, closer to the public, thereby increasing the quality of life of the citizens of Barcelona.

The award consisted in a single prize of 4.000€ and the right to deploy a pilot of the project in the 22@Barcelona district during the following year, in the 22@Urban Lab program.

ZoundTracker by Zolertia is meant to create real time maps of acoustic contamination and is able to identify and locate the direction of those spots that make louder noise than permitted or desired. For that purpose, a hardware prototype node with a GUI was built to demonstrate the capabilities of a node of estimating the incoming direction of a loud noise.

Zolertia is a company located at the Technological Park of Valles, near Barcelona (Spain) whose main aim is to create innovative technology and applications based on the wireless sensor networks paradigm. Zolertia develops solutions to improve services in hospitals, industry, agriculture, transports, etc. The technological framework developed in-house to build these self-sustained intelligent networks is affordable to any individual, researcher, developer or hobbyist, is completely open, employs mature robust software technology started at important international universities and can be freely retargeted for any other purpose anyone anywhere in the world can think of.

For further information, do not hesitate to visit Zolertia.

Zolertia's Z1 Low-Power Wireless Sensor Module

With the Z1 low-power wireless module, Zolertia launches the first public release of its WSN mote, its flagship product. The Z1 module is a general purpose development platform for wireless sensor networks (WSN) designed for researchers, developers, enthusiasts and hobbyists.

It is a platform compatible with the successful Tmote™-family motes with several enhancements that offers roughly a 2x performance in several aspects. Equipped with two on board digital sensors (accelerometer and temperature), it comes with everything a developer needs to start building smart networks from scratch.

You can connect your applications directly to the Internet of Things (IoT) with IPv6. The Z1 module was devised keeping in mind:

• Backwards compatibility with motes based on MSP430+CC2420 as well as support for some of the most currently employed open source O.S.’s/stacks by the WSN community, like TinyOS 2.1 (current) or Contiki (soon).

• Maximum flexibility and expandability while improving low power consumption with most versatile and low power sensors and uC.

Features Summary:

• 16-bit Ultra-Low-Power MCU (MSP430F2617)  ||  92KB flash, 8KB RAM

• Widely adopted 2.4 GHz RF Transceiver (CC2420)  ||  IEEE 802.15.4 & 6LowPAN ready

• 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer || Configurable to ±2/4/8/16 g, events interrupts

• Low Power Digital Temp. Sensor  ||  ±0.5°C accuracy

• Serial Flash Memory for Storage  ||  16Mbit, 100k cycles

• Multiple Power Options  ||  USB powered, 2xAA/AAA, coin cell

• 54-pin Expansion Connector  ||  ADCs, DACs, SPI, I2C, UARTs, interrupts, USB

• 2 Antenna Options  ||  Embedded ceramic or U.FL external adapter

• Expandable with up to 4 Phidgets™  ||  2x3V + 2x5V Phidgets™


• Immersing your device in the IoT

• Personal healthcare monitoring

• Environmental monitoring

• Emergency detectors

• Safe and rescue devices

• Long-term unattended monitoring

• Power consumption monitoring

• Agricultural monitoring

• Plus any other you can think of…

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